I am martt,

an analog photographer dedicated to creating visual narratives, documenting, and honouring photography as a story‑telling means that stimulates people’s imagination.

My passion for analog is less about emulating a trend or reconnecting with a nostalgic experience, but rather an appreciation for a high-quality organic practice amidst an artificial age. What is to many an artform of the past is to me one of the only things that help bring my mind to this moment. Analog is therapy.

Echoing the work of artists who inspire me, I often seek to capture expression and dynamism in casual settings. I encourage myself to explore unfamiliar ideas and territories yet more often than not my collections vary on several recurring themes. My series of Acts and Scenes has a chronological journal-like identity, with a range of sceneries, that feature from details of modern architecture to life in rural areas. Another concept of mine is that of Variazioni, a project inspired by the structure of theme and variations in classical music, which presents variations on a chosen motif through lenses of different cameras and with different films.

I look forward to continuing to develop my skills and artistry, connect with the analog community, and share the aesthetic and intellectual expression of martt with you. I hope it has enough passion to persist in your imagination.